Email Hosting – A Must-Have For Business Success

Running a business enterprise in today’s world means shifting to a new mindset and a new way of conducting business. Communications in the past, for example, only required paper, ink, and a hand to write the message. Though many businesses today still make use of traditional printed communications, many businesses have crossed over completely to the electronic side, while a good number still have their left feet on the Internet and their right feet on the conventional paper-and-ink method. No business today–whether online or offline–can safely ignore email hosting and say that the business is groomed to stay ahead of the competition.

Among the many communication channels that information technology has opened for the wired world, email is still a superstar. Through the years, many businesses have realized that they can use email technology not just to exchange messages back and forth with their clients and customers–they can also use email to promote their corporate or brand identity on the Internet. For these reasons, many companies invest in hosted email subscriptions and solutions that they can rely on.

Email hosting is a service provided by a company that runs email servers, which are the hardware components that make the sending and receiving of emails possible across the Internet. If your company is large and rich enough to run your own email server for all your employees, then email hosting is said to be provided internally. WordPress webhosting In many cases, companies have neither the human, technological, or financial resources to run their own email servers. So, such companies opt for a third-party or external email service provider.

The good news about third-party hosted email service is that there are hundreds of email service providers that you can choose from. All of those email service providers, of course, provide the standard tools needed for general email use: reading and replying to messages, storing contacts, keeping calendars and schedules, file attachments, spam filters, antivirus scanning, etc.

Because of tight competition within the email hosting service industry, every provider strives to outdo and outperform its competitors by providing attractive packages or plans addressing the email communication needs of its target customers. For example, almost all email hosting plans include an economy plan for subscribers whose budget is limited or is at the low end.

In addition to competition in terms of price, email service providers also try to grab a bigger slice of the market pie by including useful add-ons and additional bells and whistles to their email hosting plans. For example, an email hosting plan may include group collaboration tools that can be useful to people working in a team environment.

If you operate a small- or medium-sized enterprise, subscribing to an external email hosting provider is a reasonable and viable option. For one, it can free up financial resources that are better spent on other important business expenditures. Secondly, it equips your employees with a communication tool that they can use wherever there is an Internet connection and using any Internet-enabled device. Lastly, in contrast to a free webmail address, an email address that bears your company name definitely promotes your company name and projects a professional and reliable image to your online contacts.

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